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The only GreenSpec® Green Product Directory approved radiant heating product using recycled content, manufactured entirely in the United States (Buffalo, New York). MRT provides products that can contribute to points for LEED® certifications, Green Globes ratings, ENERGY STAR® Ratings, NYSERDA Star Ratings, GreenGuard® Building Construction Certification, and are acceptable in National Register of Historic Places renovations.

Our products were installed in a home that received a FIVE STAR certificate, the highest amount of stars available, for a New York ENERGY STAR® Home Analysis. It was estimated by an outside Certified Energy Rater, that this 4,100 square foot home near Buffalo, NY would have an annual heating expense of $621, or $51.75/month.
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Modular Radiant Technologies, LLC is an approved Regional AIA/CES Provider. Please contact us for more information regarding radiant heat learning opportunities in your area.


To whom it may concern;

My wife and I installed the light weight concrete MRT radiant heat panels in our 1886 built; National Register of Historic Places registered home in Buffalo, New York, over the existing subfloors, and have been pleasantly surprised at both the performance of the system, along with the efficiency. The panels allow for imperfections in the flatness of the floors, which in our case, we had almost no perfectly flat floors anymore due to more than a hundred twenty five years of settling, shifting, and use. Second, we went from a forced air system with a massive furnace that heated 2 floors, to a boiler heated system, and we were able to double our heated square footage (we added the basement and third floor to the system), and also cut our gas bills in half with twice the space (from $500/mo. to just under $250/mo.). Once we finish restoring the leaky windows and air sealing, we expect further savings. The zoned system allows us to see which rooms are calling for heat more often, and allows us to turn up or down specific regions in the house as our occupancy and needs change.

Architect / Homeowner
Buffalo, NY


To Whom It May Concern:

I installed MRT panels in my home six years ago and they have been great. I chose to use this system because it is the best option I could find to use with geothermal heat system. This is because low temperature use and the thermal mass they have. These panels were also the best retrofit in my 100 year old house. I replaced an forced air system that only heated one floor with radiant heat on both floors in the entire house and cut my heating bill by 60-70%.


Ellicottville, NY


To Whom it May Concern;

MRT’s modular radiant thermal mass heat panels are the ideal heating innovation for a historic home like my own. The light-weight panels radiate heat with supreme efficiency, operating at peak effectiveness with the dual-purpose tankless water heater. The panels are versatile and easy to install with common tools. The simple and solid design provides the home owner with a sense of calm knowing such a durable and effective product will be under foot.

I recommend MRT’s technology to everyone I can, as I feel so lucky to have found such an effective, healthy, and efficient form of heating.

Buffalo, NY


To Whom It May Concern:

Recently I built an addition to my house. One of the main concerns was how to heat those new rooms. I remembered an article in the Buffalo News about Modular Radiant Technologies. Upon investigation, their product met my needs completely.

Any handy person can install this panel and tubing. Calculate your footage and plot your routing, four screws and the panel is installed. Besides saving on my heating bill the product is made from recycled materials.

Now with the system up and running I’m enjoying the quiet even heat provided by these panels. The heat is held down in the living zone not on the ceiling. There are no convection currents making you feel cold after the heat shuts off as in a forced hot air furnace. Also, no dust or allergens are being blown out of the heating ducts. After coming into the room, you will start to feel yourself warming up from the radiant heat – wonderful.

This product which uses recycled materials and is very easy to install doubles the savings one would normally receive from radiant heat. I will enjoy the benefits for years to come.

Buffalo, NY